Strange Attractors, Axis Gallery 2009
Strange Attractors, Axis Gallery 2009

Strange Attractors

and other such phenomenon

Science strives to describe the world we live in. Unfortunately many of their descriptions are antithetical to the way we see our world. How can something be chaotic, yet follow a distinct pattern? How can something be both a particle and a wave at the same time, or better yet not be at any one place? How can a group be more connected the larger it becomes? Why is fuzzy more precise?

With this new series I am exploring some of these esoteric ideas from the world of science and their relationship to human experience. Working from a sense of irony with a modicum of whimsy I first appropriate graphic imagery used to express these concepts. By placing the figure in this alien landscape of ideas I am inviting the viewer to discard common sense and dive into this surreal world of apparent contradictions.

Richard Gilles